LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Breeze Airways, a low-fare airline based in Utah, is ramping up nonstop flights out of Las Vegas to nine U.S. destinations as the summer travel season begins.

The first nonstop begins June 9 to Richmond, Virginia, and the most recent announcement includes a nonstop to Provo, Utah, for $29 (one-way) beginning Oct. 5. Check the Breeze Airways website for prices and availability. The full list, with launch dates:

  • Richmond, Virginia (Thursday, Sunday, starting June 9)
  • Syracuse, New York (Friday, Monday, starting June 10)
  • Fort Myers, Florida (Wednesday, Saturday, starting June 11)
  • Norfolk, Virginia (Thursday, Sunday, starting Aug. 4)
  • Huntsville, Alabama (Thursday, Sunday, starting Aug. 4)
  • Charleston, South Carolina (Friday, Saturday, Monday, starting Aug. 5)
  • Jacksonville, Florida (Friday, Saturday, Monday, starting Aug. 5)
  • New York/Westchester, New York (daily, starting Sept. 7)
  • Provo/Salt Lake City, Utah (daily, starting Oct. 5)

The airline, which uses new A220 jets that are smaller and burn less fuel, is being compared to Allegiant Airlines, and Breeze CEO David Neeleman doesn’t discourage the comparison. The new jets hold 100 to 125 passengers.

“They go into a market where five people a day are traveling between a route, and the next thing you know there’s 100 people,” Neeleman told USA Today as Breeze started operations in 2021. Neeleman founded JetBlue in 1999.

Allegiant hasn’t given any signals that it’s concerned about the competition for passengers, but some of Breeze’s policies could bring in customers quickly — like no charge for changes or cancellations. With 24 hours’ notice, you’ll get a refund. After that, you’ll get credit in the form of “BreezePoints,” which are good for 24 months.

Flights in and out of Provo come as a $55 million renovation to the airport there is completed. Breeze is relying on building a customer base with cheap flights out of secondary airports, and the fares that are currently advertised are quite a bit lower than big carriers operating out of Salt Lake City.

In the past few weeks, Allegiant said it would have four jets based at Provo, matching Breeze.

Breeze is one of two discount carriers that made their debut last year. Avelo also began flying in 2021. Avelo’s flights out of Las Vegas include four destinations: Fort Collins, Colorado, and three California cities: Arcata, Redding and Santa Rosa.