LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Olivia Newton John’s resiliency in the face of breast cancer has left her fans in awe. 

Many are going through the same journey themselves and do not know what the future could hold. 

The “Grease” star received love from fans all over the world, and her dedication to her career was unstoppable, despite a breast cancer diagnosis that she would face three times. 

“I grew up watching her, I can quote every part of Grease,” said Sunshine Maracle. 

Maracle could be considered a “real-life miracle” after surviving breast cancer in 2015. 

“I noticed how painful it was when I breastfed,” Maracle said. “An ultrasound turned into a biopsy that turned into that morning in October that forever changed my life.”

At 32, Maracle was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer. 

“I was just getting to know my children, they were two and four and I was like, this is so unfair,” Maracle said. 

It took 11 operations and 16 rounds of chemotherapy for Maracle to be cancer-free. 

But seeing icons, like Newton-John, who had cancer come back is always a worry. 

“It resonates close to home, it is home,” she said. 

For Maracle, she will continue pushing through this uncertain fight just like Newton-John did. 

“What I could say about her death is don’t mourn it but celebrate that she was resilient in her fight, because she touched so many lives,” Maracle said.