LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The family of a hiker that went missing two days ago says Ronnie Lucas’ body was found this evening at Red Rock Canyon. 

“I had saw the chopper and police down there. I got into my car and I went over there and that’s when the police did tell me that the man was my brother,” said Karta Lieb, the victim’s sister.

The 33-year-old went missing in the Red Rock Canyon area Sunday. He had last been seen on the Oak Creek Trail, a mile past the Scenic Road exit.

Metro Police were reportedly able to identify Lucas by his ID and a backpack that he was carrying.

Several agencies have spent days tirelessly searching for Lucas. Search teams and helicopters scoured Red Rock Canyon, never letting go of hope. 

“As long as there’s hope, we’re going to keep coming out here and looking for this person,” said Chantz Butler, a volunteer. 

Lucas, an avid hiker and father of three, was diabetic.

Lieb thanked the Las Vegas community, the media and everyone involved in the search for Ronnie, including Red Rock Search and Rescue, for their love and support.

She lives in Fresno, and on Monday, there was a death in the family. While sharing the news with loved ones, she also found out her brother was missing.

Lieb offered a message to other hikers:

“Even the most experienced hikers, they can get lost anywhere, and don’t go hiking alone. Just please learn from these tragedies that we’ve had.”

The family is devastated but glad they can take Ronnie home and bury him.

“Unfortunately, these things happen, and when we can’t bring him home alive, at least we’re able to bring home to bury,” said Lieb.