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Last night all of the questions on the Nevada ballot passed with one exception: The most controversial one which is Question 3, the Energy Choice Initiative. 

The energy choice initiative had more money spent on it than any ballot initiative in state history.  Voters made their voices heard on the issue with 641,000 voting against it compared to nearly 314,000 for it. 

Question 1, known as “Marsy’s Law,” creates new constitutional rights for victims of crime in Nevada.  It passed with more than 576,000 votes for it, and 365,000 against it. 

Question 2 is the “Pink Tax,” which would make feminine hygiene products exempt from state and local sales tax.  The pink tax also passed with a 57 percent majority. 

The medical patient tax relief act is Question 4, which excludes oxygen tanks and mobility devices from state-imposed sales taxes.

Question 4 passed with a 67 percent voter majority. 

Question 5 is the motor-voter initiative, which allows the DMV to automatically registering an eligible person to vote or update their existing Nevada voter registration when they get a license or I.D. card.  Question 5 passed with nearly 60 percent of voter support. 

Question 6 passed with nearly 60 percent of the vote.  Question 6 would amend the state constitution to make the renewable energy portfolio stand at not less than 50 percent by the year 2030.

Although Question 6 didn’t get as much attention as Question 3, the motor-voter law may have the most lasting impact of all of the questions last night, making it easier for people to register to vote.

Ease of voting historically favors Democrats, which could turn Nevada even more blue than purple.

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