LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When you come out of a bar and you’ve had a few, the last thing you want to see is a cop with a breathalyzer.

But on Saturday night, Boulder City police officers will be putting on their “Over the Limit” program again — an encore after 39 people had their blood-alcohol level tested on Saturday, Aug. 27. Police might find more people who want to be tested during a busy Labor Day holiday weekend.

According to Sgt. Tiffany Driscoll, it’s an educational effort. She’s been writing up DUIs long enough to know the value of the program.

“The point is to let people know how easy it is to get to your limit,” Driscoll said Thursday.

At first, people are a little apprehensive. But Driscoll said people ought to know “this is what a .08 feels like for me.” That’s the legal limit under Nevada’s DUI law, and if you’re over that number you’re in for a world of problems.

Driscoll said it’s a pilot program in Nevada, and it’s been tried in California. She’s hoping it catches on with other police departments. She’s written up DUIs for drivers who had no idea they were over the limit, and this is a chance to understand that line better. She says the program’s value goes well beyond that, even offering educational materials for designated drivers.

And police aren’t trying to surprise anyone — it’s not a trap. She says bar owners are on board with the program, and some bars even had breathalyzers before the program ever existed.

“Meet us in downtown Boulder City near Nevada Way and Arizona Street between 6-9 p.m.,” a Facebook post by Boulder City police says.

One mother even took advantage of the blood-alcohol testing as her daughter turned 21. Driscoll said it was about learning to drink responsibly.

You could even win a gift card if you can correctly guess your blood-alcohol level before you’re tested.