LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Boulder City Police and Fire, as well as crews from the Henderson Fire Department, were sent to the scene of an explosion at Armorock Polymer Concrete facility on U.S. 95 just before 10 A.M. on Monday.

Deputy Fire Chief of Boulder City, Greg Chesser, said the damage was so bad, his team had to take extra precautions before they could think about stepping inside.

“It was a pretty massive explosion,” Chesser said, “Initially we didn’t even go in. We kind of surveyed until we had enough personnel get here. Once we did, we had a hazmat team go in they were able to size up the situation.”

The building was evacuated and six employees were injured. Four were treated on the scene and two were transported to local hospitals. One of the employees had significant burns from the blast.

“Based on the number of injuries, we had to initiate an EMS strike team.”

The massive destruction had about 45 EMS and fire personnel on site, but Boulder City Fire cleared the scene by 1:45 p.m. on Monday. OSHA and the Clark County Building Inspector will be continuing their investigations.

This is an ongoing investigation, check back for updates.