Both political parties get behind last minute push to get voters to polls

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With the start of early voting just three days away, Nevada’s Democratic and Republican parties are focusing all of their efforts on getting voters out to the polls.

Last minute voter pushes have consisted of phone calls, along with dozens of voter pamphlets in the mail.  There have even been people going door-to-door.

It’s all a product of Nevada being one of the most crucial states in the midterm elections.

Sarah Abel, the press secretary with the Nevada Democratic Party says for them, getting voters out to vote has been a year-long mission.

“We have folks out all over the state working to make sure people have a plan to go out and vote,” Abel said.

Both sides would attribute the Democrats’ ‘Get Out the Vote’ model in Nevada to former Senator Harry Reid.

State GOP Chair Michael McDonald says he convinced the National Republican Party to start its ground game in Nevada before any other state a year and a half ago.

According to McDonald, they’ve wanted to use the GOP’s data with a strong voter contact program modeled after what Reid built for Democrats in Nevada over the years.

“There’s nothing better than voter contact; me at your door, talking to you, going over issues, and at the end of the day, if we agree — great — if we don’t — at least there’s some type of respect when we’re discussing it,” McDonald said.

To top things off going into early voting, Republicans are bringing in President Trump for a rally in Elko this weekend.  Democrats are bringing in former President Barack Obama, and his vice president, Joe Biden.

It’s a lot of political capital being placed in Nevada in the crucial days leading up to Nov. 6.

Valley residents have until Thursday to register to vote.  For more information go here.

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