LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — To vape or not to vape: That is the question that continues to be up for debate. Health officials say vaping could lead to lung issues, but local marijuana companies say it’s the black market products that are causing those issues.

The vapes are being called ‘bootleg marijuana vapes.’ Several marijuana products have been identified as possible culprits in the mysterious epidemic of serious lung illnesses. More than 800 people who use vaping devices and e-cigarettes to inhale THC or nicotine, or both have gotten sick from vaping. A total of 13 people have died from the serious lung illness.

Ashley Culberg, an expert at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace says people should stay away from bootleg products, and look for certified products.

Bootleg marijuana vape products are everywhere. Prodcuts from the black market tend to sell a lot of things that can grow or grow with cannabis, which can be harmful to the vaper’s health.

Everyone is urged to purchase products through a licensed cannabis dispensary.

“When you are purchasing those products they do come with labels as well, and have the test results that show they are free and clear of pestisides, microbials, mold bacteria,” said Culberg.

According to Culberg, a quality control team inspects every package to ensure the test results match the batch number that is received from the production facility to the dispensary.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace says safety is their number one priority, so they are also proactive by educating staff members.