LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The countdown is on to get southern Nevada residents registered to vote for the upcoming November midterm elections.

Pop-up sites such as a location for the GOP on the corner of Eastern and Bonanza are hoping to grow their Latino base.

However, residents say the upcoming election will be different because many are tired of unfulfilled campaign promises.

Elia Molina says she is voting for a change and not for a specific candidate.

Jaime Florez is the director for the RNC’s Hispanic Communications and describes this elections season’s game plan.

“What we continue to sell is the republican values and principles, particularly for Hispanics. Those who identify themselves with the party that represents freedom and opportunity,” Florez said.

Democrats not wasting any time and pushing their own message. Natalie Hernandez with Make The Road Action Nevada has been an organizer for 10 years. She has been fighting for immigration reform since her father was deported in 2011.

“I use my story and other stories like mine to help keep people motivated and let people know this isn’t a fight we are going to win in a few years,” Hernandez explained.

Both parties tell 8 News Now that residents can expect more outreach as the election day nears.
It’s also a great chance for Latinos to address key concerns such as immigration and the economy.

Both parties tell 8 News Now residents can’t be the change they want unless they register to vote for the November 8th elections.

For more information on how to register click HERE.