Bonnie Springs development approved

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The Clark County Planning Commission unanimously approved plans for a housing development on the current site of the Bonnie Springs Ranch, near Red Rock.

The commission heard testimony late into Tuesday night, and finally voted 5-0 after 12:30 a.m., Wednesday morning.

Developers who want to change the landscape of the 64-acre property. Plans call for 22 homes and a handful of other buildings.

Many opponents showed up to speak out against the plans.

“When you allow these private developments to happen near Red Rock, you’re taking away my ability to escape the city,” one community member said of the plans. “Escape my stresses, and have that opportunity to better myself.”

The sale of the historic Bonnie Springs Ranch was announced in January, three years after its namesake Bonnie Levinson died at the age of 94. 

Joel Laub & Associates reportedly purchased the property to turn it into a community of 22 homes. 

The company has said it will respect the area’s history and environment, but some say any changes will ruin Red Rock’s scenic beauty. 

“The proposal before you would fundamentally alter the character of Red Rock,” another community member said. “Imagine driving out to the Red Rock viewpoint, getting out and taking a look at the cliffs and the wild vista, and then boom! There’s twenty McMansions.”

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