LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – More than a year after a driver killed a 13-year-old boy while speeding near a middle school in 2022, Henderson Police released the bodycam video.

Earlier this year, Jose Marmolejo was sentenced to six years in prison for driving nearly 100 miles per hour when he hit Rex Patchett.

It happened on March 2, 2022, when the teen was walking home and Marmolejo was speeding in a 35 mph zone and struck him in front of Mannion Middle School. Police later showed up to a hectic scene to investigate.

The body cam video shows four people were detained, including Marmolejo, who was driving a black Ford Mustang.

“Jose, right? Is that Jose? So, what was going on?” an officer asked in the video.

“We were going fast. We were just kind of…” Marmolejo is heard saying to officers.

“When you hit that bump. Did it fishtail? What happened?” the officer asked him.

“I’m not sure. Yeah, it spun,” the 22-year-old responded.

The video captured Marmolejo’s vehicle mangled with its tires poking out near Mannion Middle School.

An officer asked Marmolejo how fast was he traveling.

“You can just give an approximate,” the officer told Marmolejo.

“Kind of like 80 miles maybe,” a friend of Marmolejo’s responded.

Marmolejo then said, “I’d say 80 maybe.”

Prosecutors revealed during his sentencing that Marmolejo was driving nearly 100 mph.

Police questioned him again on what happened.

“Did you guys roll at all? or Was it just you…” police asked him.

“I think when we hit, the tire popped and it spun out. I think that’s what happened,” Marmolejo said.

“So the tire popped?” police asked Marmolejo.

“That’s what I think happened. I have no idea,” he responded.

But what wasn’t asked has the father of Rex Patchett upset.

“Were they under the influence of any alcohol or substance? Was that part of the questioning that was asked of the defendant? It doesn’t seem like that was,” Patchett said.

There wasn’t any evidence in court records that police conducted a field sobriety test.

“It’s inexcusable that someone can engage in behavior like this, kill an individual, and there’s no reasonable suspicion to do a field sobriety test?” Patchett said.

It took several days after the crash happened before police arrested Jose Marmolejo.

On Friday, a law named after Rex Patchett that increases the penalties for reckless driving passed the Nevada Assembly and will go to Republican Governor Joe Lombardo’s desk for his signature.

For more information on Rex’s Law click HERE.