Boaters keep safety as top priority for Labor Day weekend at Lake Mead

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Friday water lovers got a head start on Labor Day by hitting the water at Lake Mead. The lake is expected to be a hot spot over the holiday weekend.

But authorities say safety still needs to be the priority.

“It’s actually our friend’s bachelor party, so he’s getting married and we’re really excited for him, so we decided to come out to the lake, do a little jet skiing and have a good time,” said Ryan Hill, a boater.

“It’s a beautiful lake, and there’s a lot of fish to be caught if you know how to do it,” said  Ron Slack, fisherman.

Authorities say it important for everyone to remember the rules of the water, which is something boaters seem to understand.

“Make sure we’re 50 to 100 feet away from others boats and keeping an eye out,” said Joey Roquet, a boater.  “Whoever is driving, obviously, keep it low on the beer. Other than that, just trying to be aware and that’s just boat safety in general.”

Boaters should also pay attention to the weather because conditions can change quickly.

“If the wind blows hard, it’s really dangerous because they can be rough waters; this is a big lake,” Slack said.

 “When we were kids, we use to come out here two or three times a summer starting when we were 14, so we had a six to eight-year tradition,” said Roquet.

Another safety tip: Before you leave the dock, make sure there’s enough life jackets on board for everyone.

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