LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— It’s a packed Saturday at Willow beach, many people driving an hour or more to take advantage of the warm weather and to hit the water, as Lake Mead remains down to one ramp this Memorial day weekend.

Las Vegas local Sheila Tajbakhsh didn’t want to take a chance.

“We heard a lot of good things about Willow beach,” said Tajbakhsh. “My biggest concern was the fact of the launches. There’s only one open for Lake Mead and the lines are probably insane. The water levels are concerning as well, I figured it was really going to be busy out there.”

Only one ramp is open at Lake Mead, causing major backups for boaters. (Photo credit: Jonathan Carrera)

Katherine Pastor and her husband Troy made the drive from Flag Staff Arizona. She said Lake Powell is also drying up.

“It is concerning about the water levels between our two states and what we’re going to do about it and I think we always try to figure out how to conserve in that piece and use our natural resources,” said Katherine.

Troy Pastor said with more people out camping and boating, it’s important to be aware of the fire and boating restrictions.

“If you remember last year around this time, at least in Arizona, they closed down the forest before Memorial day because of the fire situation,” said Troy.  “I hate to be that guy to say it but we don’t want somebody to leave a campfire and then the wind out here takes it away.”

Boaters on Lake Mead during Memorial Day weekend. (Photo credit: Jonathan Carrera)

With several boat ramps remaining closed for now in Lake Mead, National Park Service anticipates more people to come to Willow Beach this weekend and this summer.

“It’s more than just enjoyment, it’s our way of living,” added Katherine. ” It’s the power source, it’s the water source and for all of us living in Arizona and Nevada and in the desert, water is an essential function of being able to live so those are the things awareness is the number one key but also action.”