LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents will meet on Thursday night to reassess mandating vaccines for all employees at local colleges and universities.

The meeting came one day before hundreds of employees were set to lose their jobs if they didn’t comply with the vaccine mandate. The vote on the board’s agenda will determine whether the mandate is upheld or terminated.

The regents will have three options to decide on: keep the mandate as written, push the effective termination date for unvaccinated employees to Jan. 15, or eliminate the mandate entirely.

If the mandate is eliminated, notices of termination would be rescinded as well. If it isn’t eliminated and employees decide to leave, they will have until Jan. 31 to come back to their job if they can show proof of vaccination status.

Earlier this month, the board approved the vaccine mandate for all college employees in Nevada, and they had until Dec. 31 to comply. Around 92% of employees are fully vaccinated, leaving more than 500 at risk of losing their jobs.

Governor Steve Sisolak has made his support of the mandate clear.

“The regents are empowered under Nevada’s Constitution and laws to take such measures and I support their efforts to create safer and healthier communities for all our students, staff, and faculty,” Gov. Sisolak said.