Blume and Hashbrown; two restaurants under one roof

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two separate restaurants, under one roof. Hashbrown in the morning, Blume at night.

They share the same space along Henderson’s booming St. Rose Parkway.

“We are in on the ground floor, so this St. Rose Parkway is really considered the new Henderson strip​. This is the new place to be​,” said Daniel Hackett, Owner of Blume.

It started with Blume, which opened Valentine’s Day last year.

Blume has more of a lounge high-end restaurant feel.

“I don’t like to be known as a fine-dining restaurant, we’re dining fine,” said Brett Bradford, Hashbrown restaurant owner.

You don’t have to wear a suit to dine there.

Blume was originally lunch and dinner, but owner Daniel Hackett said he didn’t like the lunch aspect.

His friend Brett Bradford suggested he do something unique.

They started talking about doing breakfast and lunch. Bradford said his space was sitting empty from 6 a.m to 2 p.m. not being used so he figured why not let someone else use it.​

Bradford’s Hashbrown was born. It opened in October.

Since then, the pair says it’s been smooth sailing, switching between staff and prepping for the next shift.

Hackett says they put a lot of work into the dynamics that could come up, and there haven’t been any surprises.

Both owners say business is “blooming.”

“We both believe in an elevated experience, not a meal. I think a lot of people can make you a waffle, a lot of people can make you a steak, we wanted to create an entire experience that enveloped you when you came in. The ambiance, the vibe, the energy,” said Hackett.

“You need to listen more than you talk. The restaurant’s not the waffle I like, It’s the waffle everyone else likes,” added Hackett.

It’s a concept that’s working and these two roommates show no signs of slowing down.

“He’s a friend, but he’s more of a brother to me now​,” added Hackett.

Blume and Hashbrown restaurants are located at 3145 St. Rose Parkway in Henderson, Nevada.

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