LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Blood donations are needed across the valley and throughout the nation especially after the recent severe weather outbreaks led to 33 killed and dozens hurt in the Midwest.

According to a Red Cross survey, only 3% of the population that is eligible to give blood actually do. Blood drives can help boast those numbers.

For regular donors like Scott Folsom, he’s made it a consistent part of his life.

“If we don’t help where we can, how can you ever expect to be on the other end and feel good about it,” Folsom said.

Rachel Flanigan, the Executive Director of The American Red Cross of Southern Nevada, said consistent donations help the most and now with recent changes can allow more people to donate.  One of those changes is the removal of the Mad Cow restriction.

“We are starting to see folks that were told they couldn’t donate who are actually going through the process to see if they can,” Flanigan said.

The Red Cross is still waiting on final guidance from the Food and Drug Administration for donations from the LGBTQ community.

For more information on if you can donate and how to donate go here.