LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Supporters of survivors of sexual abuse will gather in the Las Vegas Arts District Tuesday night for a block party hosted by a local cosmetics company that’s developing unique safety products.

ESOES Cosmetics is celebrating its smart safety lipstick going to market. The liquid lipstick holds two drug testing strips to check whether someone has tampered with a drink. It also has a Bluetooth-connected button that connects to a customized safety app.

The block party is on E. California Avenue with entrances on Main Street and S. Casino Center Boulevard and takes place from 6 to 8 p.m.

There will also be an art installation called “It’s Not The Dress” which is designed to start meaningful conversations and show what it looks like to support sexual assault survivors in the community.

“Really just gather with the community to say survivors we stand with you we believe you and we are here to support and make sure our community is safer,” Founder of ESOES Cosmetics Joy Hoover said.

She said April 10 is a significant date because it’s the day her mother-in-law died during a domestic violence attack.

Hoover said there will be restaurants providing food and beverage options for free to guests. There will also be non-profit agencies that work to help survivors.

There is an entrance fee of $10 and money raised at the block party will go toward getting the safety lipstick available to as many customers are possible. The event is open to the public.