LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Parents are upset over a Las Vegas Christian school’s decision to include a racial, derogatory term in several course materials.

This incident took place at Faith Lutheran High School, and after the backlash, the school took down a poster with a racial slur on it.

Several Black parents reportedly addressed the issue with Faith Lutheran school leaders to no avail. But then, the Las Vegas Alliance of Black School Educators got involved and Faith Lutheran took some action.

“The N-word, no matter where it is used, is derogatory. It’s racial abuse, and students should not have to come to a safe space, which is school, and see the N-word used in curriculum materials,” Bywaters, president of LVABSE, said.

Bywaters was advocating on behalf of Black parents and students.

In an email sent to Faith Lutheran on Wednesday, March 1, Bywaters said the parents are “highly upset that their voices have not been heard about the use of the N-word.”

Among the issues is a photo of Civil Rights activist Ruby Bridges hung in a classroom with the racial slur written on it. There were also books using the offensive term.

“If a Black parent comes to you who has experienced, one, racism and has the historical connection to the trauma and violence of slavery, you should listen to that parent,” Bywaters said.

Principal of Faith Lutheran High School Kat Stokes sent an email on Tuesday to parents. She said it was agreed that the “painting [of Ruby Bridges] needed to have context in the classroom if it was to be displayed so a lesson was taught on the importance of it and how it pertained to the curriculum and our world today.”

Later in that same email, the principal added administrators “met with parents on a variety of occasions to discuss concerns on campus regarding curriculum, culture, and hiring practices. In most cases, these concerns were addressed immediately or changes to policies and curriculum were made for the 2023-2024 school year.”

“I think that the school community is owed an apology,” Bywaters said. “We’re also teaching students who do not share the black experience, that it’s ok to call you the N-word.”

8 News Now reached out to Faith Lutheran about this issue but has not received a response at this time.

Nonetheless, the principal told parents in her email, the school is looking at the entire “English curriculum to make sure it is fitting of our Christian worldview, mission, and vision of Faith Lutheran.”