The Clark County Black Caucus sent the following statement to respond to the incident that got two students from Arbor View High School arrested, and one cited.

Two Arbor View High School students ages 15 and 16, were taken into custody Tuesday in connection with a racially-motivated threat at the school, according to CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara.

The students arrested by Clark County School Police are facing charges of making terrorist threats, conspiracy to commit terrorist threats, hate crime, cyberbullying and breach of peace.

On Wednesday, a third student was cited Wednesday for his alleged connection to the racist cyberbullying.

There were several racist Instagram posts, including the following:

“God just seeing these (racial slur for African-Americans) inferioates (sic) me. I just wanna go Columbine pt 2 just but only kill the (racial slur).”

The Clark County Black Caucus sent the following statement:

“Today, Clark County Black Caucus discussed concerns of racism, bias, and school climate negatively directed at Black students in Clark County School District, with Dr. Jesus Jara and members of his leadership team, after the recent incident of terror at Arbor View High School leaving students, families, staff, and community traumatized,” said Yvette Williams, Chair, Clark County Black Caucus.  “We appreciate his strong position to prosecute violations to the full extent of the law, and support efforts to make systemic change in AVHS school climate resulting in an inclusive school culture.”

“Cultural competency and professional development training has not trickled down, as promised to teachers and support staff within the District, and we’re calling for Superintendent Jara to review current protocols, training to include a stronger emphasis on racism and bias, and training schedule with immediate implementation. A positive school climate where every student can thrive is critical to student achievement, and it’s imperative that Black students are not racially isolated or adversely impacted at school.”

“There are some incredible staff at Arbor View, but this is one of several incidents over the last three years where Black students don’t feel safe nor their concerns validated. We as a community are very concerned that a climate of racism and bias disproportionately impacts the discipline of Black students, where data reflects very little improvement. We are optimistic with the recent addition of College, Career and Equity Unit, the School Justice Partnership, and implementation of Focus 2024.  CCBC will continue to work with CCSD towards optimized learning environments where our students feel welcome, feel safe, and supported to be successful.”