Bird rescue looks for help stopping bird dumping

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Bird dumping a big issue at our parks and now the “Lofty Hopes Bird Rescue” says they need the community’s help to stop this.

Mariah Hillman with Lofty Hopes says they received a call regarding an influx of birds at Lorenzi Park.

A man with a blue car was spotted setting them free.

“Someone has been dumping fan tail pigeons,” Hillman said. “Unfortunately, these guys are not street feral pigeons. These guys are bred.”

The man was first reported dumping them by the lake before dawn and then by the dumpster in the evening.

“They don’t fly well so they are not going to fare well outside obviously because of predators and they never been outside so they don’t know about cars,” Hillman said.

A total of 117 of these birds were rescued but everyday more continue to be dumped. Lofty Birds says they contacted animal control and were told they are not federally protected and pigeons are considered “pests”.

“We’re not interested in catching him we’re just interested in saving the birds,” Hillman said. “Just turn them over we’ll take them and give them a good home you don’t have to dump them.”

Click HERE for more information on how you can help out Lofty Hopes.

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