LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Joy Fitzgerald is a coach, best-selling author, and corporate leader who pulled together a wealth of experience to help women live their purpose without fear or compromise.

She said she wanted women to stop striving for perfection and start believing their best, is good enough.

“First I want to tell ladies, kill the negative self-talk, drown out all the rhetoric, that is telling you ‘you are too late, you don’t have enough time, you won’t be successful,’ in many cases, we have not achieved our aspirations because it’s our own noise,” she expressed. “That keeps us from reaching our goals.”

Her advice to women is to invest in “Relationship capital” which she called career and life differentiators.

Other tips included creating good relationships with key decision-makers and finding a good mentor.

She also pointed out another tip, become memorable for all the right reasons.

“Never sit in the back of the room, if you are sitting on the last row, why would an organization have you top of mind, for that next leadership role?” she added.