A mom-and-pop pharmacy just opened in the northeastern part of the Las Vegas valley, and the owners are hoping to connect with customers on a more personal level.  

The business is on E. Bonanza Road and N. Mojave Road and it’s already benefiting customers. Notably, the ones who attend Golden Ages Adult Day Care Center, which is a spot the owners and pharmacist Ben Dawson and Bobby Benson visit frequently.

The daycare is in Bonanza Mojave Square, an area with nearby senior living facilities and a senior center. 

“We have a lot of seniors in this area; just like this complex here,” said John Buford, an attendee of the adult daycare.

Belmont Pharmacy is the latest medical business to open up in the area.  It brings convenience to adult day care visitors who need prescriptions. 

“It probably helps a lot of us that go here because a lot of us take pills,” Dawson said.

Dawson said he opened this pharmacy location after working 21 years at a K-Mart pharmacy before it closed. 

“I tried to find a location that the radius from K-Mart wouldn’t be that far, and this is the perfect location,” said Bobby Benson, Belmont Pharmacy pharmacist, and owner.  “It’s about two miles from the original site where I used to work so I could bring all my patients back.”

Benson says it’s important for them to focus on patients, along with filling prescriptions.

“We are building a relationship, so that’s our main goal,” Benson said.  “This isn’t the first pharmacy to open up in this complex. Another one shut its doors last year after serving customers here for more than five years.”

Basil Hamika owns the Bonanza Mojave Square complex. 

“I really have no idea why they had to leave,” Hamika said. “I think they had some kind of business decision that they had to do.”

With that said, Benson is now filling the need, and bringing accessibility to many patients.