LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Firefighters have already responded to several calls this month in the Las Vegas valley involving bees including a call about a swarm of bees that stung people and killed a dog over the weekend.

The warmer weather signals the start of “bee swarming season,” according to the Las Vegas Fire Department.

On Saturday, firefighters were called to Lorenzi Street, near Rainbow Boulevard and WestCliff Drive following reports of a bee attack.

The bees stung several people and a dog which ended up dying.

“A friend came into the garage and all of a sudden he is slapping like crazy on himself and he said ‘I got bit, I got bit’ and then he started running and he got bit five times,” said neighbor Ramona Eubanks.

She has lived in the northwest neighborhood for more than 50 years, and she says they have never had issues with bees, until now.

Firefighters asked residents to stay in their homes.

“So, he said, don’t go anywhere and don’t go outside because they are all over. They even chased him down the street,” she said.

Her neighbor Jim Smith also had an encounter with the bees.

“We were going to do some grilling and my niece was over and she said, ‘there’s a bee in the house’ and I go out there and suddenly, I’m getting attacked,” Smith said.

Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue explains why the bees react aggressively.

“The stinger has a sack on it that pulls the inside of the bee out. It kills the bee, but when the sack comes out, it releases an odor, that goes back to the hive and tells them — the colony — that they are under attack.”

In most cases, bees must be exterminated and the hive needs to be removed by a licensed professional. The homeowner was asked to call an exterminator to locate the hive and remove it.

According to Szymanski, firefighters have been called to at least three be-related incidents in the last month.