LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tim Livesey owns three Australian Cattle dogs, known as Beauties and the Bolt, and their story is an inspiration.

The three dogs are outfitted with “doggles” to protect their eyes, and Livesy told 8 News Now it’s a show wherever they go.

“Every time we pass people, they get big smiles, they want to take pictures,” Livesey said.

Livesey adopted each dog, and the three share a load of hiking and camping adventures together.

“Bella is the oldest one, I had her for the longest. She’s nine years old… her litter was abandoned,” Livesey said. “Bolt I got next, he came from a breeder but was born with a broken tail, so he couldn’t be sold as a show dog. Bonnie, she’s deaf, I got her last. She’s five years old, came from Arkansas and the old owner didn’t want her anymore.”

There’s nothing the dogs can’t do, even Bonnie.

“A lot of people think a deaf dog or blind dog needs to stay at home and can’t really do much, but I’ve proven that wrong everyday with taking Bonnie out and I advocate for people to adopt deaf dogs, because there’s really no difference,” Livesey said. “Instead of talking to them, use hand signals, that’s really the main thing. It’s something to get used to, but other than that, she’s no different than any other dog.”

He said that they’re a tight knit crew, and Bella and Bolt do a great job of guiding Bonnie, even having saved her from a coyote in the past.

“Bolt turned around first, I heard his ferocious bark, and then Bella turned around and took off running. By the time I looked back the coyote was already running in another direction,” he recounted.

The dogs have a large following on social media and will even be featured on the 2023 cover of Adventure Dogs Calendar.