Basketball hoops going back up at parks around the valley

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A day after Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced that full and close-contact sports can resume, Clark County began reinstalling basketball hoops.

“I feel good, I feel great. I appreciate it and I’ve been waiting for this day,” said Terry Stevens, likes to plays basketball.

Henderson made the same move on Monday after the governor’s announcement, expecting to finish by April 5. And North Las Vegas tweeted this morning that it expects to have all hoops reinstalled by the end of today.

“The ball is in your court; be smart, be safe,” Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones said in a tweet on Tuesday.

As the the 35 hoops went back up at Craig Ranch Park Tuesday, residents in the area expressed their excitement.

“I was laughing, I had to take a picture so I could send it to the boyfriend because he’s just as anxious for the hoops to go back up,” said Stephanie Stark, who lives nearby.

“Excitement with a little bit of apprehension because we don’t want to go backwards, but at the same time putting up the basketball rims today is perfect for us,” said Cass Palmer, Neighborhood and Leisure Services, North Las Vegas.

Hoops were taken down and county parks were closed just over a year ago. While parks have reopened, basketball courts have been quiet with no hoops.

“Every time we drive through the park they’re just like ‘can’t wait for the hoops, when are the hoops going back up?’ They’ve just been in the house playing video games and YouTube,” Stark said.

Clark County says it hopes to have the rims in all 100 of its outdoor parks up by Thursday night.

“We can play with friends more, hang out. We’ve been inside for way too long,” Stephen Guerrero said.

While organized leagues or competitions are required to submit plans to local health authorities, individuals don’t have restrictions. Basketball is considered a full-contact sport.

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