LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Rabbits can be a popular pet given over the Easter holiday, but sometimes those gifted bunnies end up abandoned. Barn Buddies Rescue is stepping in to help with that problem and opened its “Rabbitat” over the Easter weekend.

The Rabbitat is called Hazel’s House of Hares and is currently housing more than 30 rabbits. It offers a retreat for the animals until a forever home can be found.

On Monday, three rabbits were abandoned at the rescue.

“We’ve got to do something to get the community to stop dumping and abandoning rabbits. If anyone has a problem with their rabbit and they just possibly can’t continue to keep them, Animal Foundation will shelter them and possibly give me a call afterward and see if we can find a decent home, a loving home for your bunny if you can’t keep it,” said Sharon Linsenbrdt, director of Barn Buddies Rescue.

The rescue is located at The Farm at 7222 W. Grand Teton and is open to the public. People can see the farm animals and rabbits. A donation of $10 for guests 13+ and $5 for guests 12 and under is requested. You can also get fresh eggs, local honey, and vegetables at the weekend farmers market. There are also plenty of volunteer opportunities. The site also serves as a venue for events such as weddings and birthday parties.