LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue returns for its 8th season Sunday, and this time, Taffer says he’s focusing his revitalization efforts on Las Vegas. Coming off a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the man known for shutting it down probably never expected to be the one who was shut down.

“We shut down March 13, 2020 — abruptly — with seven episodes to go last season, which we never did,” 66-year-old Taffer said to PEOPLE Magazine. “They can put you in a hiatus, but after a certain period of time, the hiatus has to end, and you have to go to the next season.”

This season, Taffer says he plans to focus on the Las Vegas bar scene this season because he says Sin City “was hit more than any other city” by COVID-19, so the show will have a bit of a different tone.

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