LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are three state-wide questions on the ballot this coming election day.

Early voting across the state begins on Saturday, Oct. 22, and election day is set for Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The first question on the ballot is the issue of putting the equal rights amendment in the state constitution.

It’s an issue that is at the forefront of the upcoming elections in Nevada.

Question one proposes an amendment to add new language to the Nevada constitution that would guarantee equal rights regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, and national origin if approved.

Trystan Reese is the chief executive officer for Collaborate Consulting and is visiting Las Vegas for this year’s Out and Equal Workplace Summit. It’s the largest LGBTQ-focused conference in the world which helps create diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“People need to understand that not everyone is treated fairly,” Reese said. “Most of us just want to go to work, work hard, do a good job then go home.”

Erin Uritus with Out and Equal Workplace Summit tells 8 News Now the legislative efforts across multiple states is a reminder that LGBTQ workers are not fully protected and that the fight for equal rights for all needs to continue.

“Although we had the supreme court decision on Bostock that protected LGBTQ people in the workplace there are so many other issues – healthcare, housing, and benefits that are still being questioned and an attempt to deter at the state level,” Uritus said. ‘It’s very bad or businesses to be anti-LGBTQ. That has been proven 25 years ago it was reversed.”

She told 8 News Now the journey has been nothing but easy.
Some arguing the legislation needs to include religion and not be “Pro-woman.”

“We also have younger folks and teach them all this didn’t happen by accident or magic. It happened through hard work and dedication,” Reese added.