LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the temperatures heat up, many across Las Vegas like to take a dip in their backyard swimming pools. But a lot of them are not even close to being ready yet.

Experts say it is all because of high demand for home improvement projects, including backyard pools, paired with some production problems last year.

“It’s getting hot for sure. It’d be nice to have it done,” said Las Vegan Jared McArthur.

It is pool season in Las Vegas. But taking a dip in McArthur’s backyard is not possible yet. He is in the process of refurbishing his pool, but some materials are not available right now.

“It’s going to be about a two-week delay,” McArthur said.

The explanation he got?

“The whole supply chain in a lot of industries is screwed up because of the pandemic,” McArthur said.

New pools being built are also being impacted by this. With the coronavirus forcing people to stay at home, experts say the demand for backyard swimming pools has skyrocketed. Henderson resident David McFeeters says construction on his pool is currently in a holding pattern.

“We’re about nine jobs behind,” McFeeters said. “I see every other house seems like its building a pool right now, so it’s to be expected.”

This all means local pool contractors are keeping busy.

“We are absolutely slammed,” said Justin Forrester, a designer and consultant with Las Vegas Pools & Spas LLC.

Justin Forrester — Las Vegas Pools & Spas LLC.

Forrester says there is another issue on the horizon: a chlorine shortage. That is due in part to a chemical plant fire in Louisiana last year.

“When you have that on top of the large demand of people wanting swimming pools… the price has gone up from maybe 90 dollars for a bucket of tabs to 120, 130,” Forrester said.

While it is unclear when things will get back to normal, McArthur is doing what he can to stay ahead — including getting an extra bucket of Chlorine tablets.

“They had stock there, but it was definitely higher priced than what it was last time I bought it,” McArthur said.

There are systems you can have installed in your pool that reduce the need for chlorine, such as salt water and ultraviolet systems. Las Vegas Pools & Spas LLC says they are installing more of them in the pools they are working on, so that is something to keep in mind as the shortage plays out.