Legal Aid Center shares education rights while special needs students face challenges

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Distance education remains a learning curve for many Clark County School District families. Those with special needs students, though, are seeming to find the situation especially challenging.

“She is already struggling, and it’s already only the third day,” said Renee Parker, mother with a special needs daughter.

Parker worries about her daughter Victoria, an eighth-grade student with an Individualized Education Program, or IEP.

“It was verified that she has to be able to see it, hear it, and then actually have somebody there to show her how to do it,” Parker explained.

It’s an issue during full-time distance education at home.

“There’s a lot of stuff I can’t help her with right now,” Parker shared. “I’m afraid she is just going to fall between the cracks.”

Her concern is also the same for other parents with special needs children. One single mother decided to quit her job recently and stay home full-time.

“When it became a choice of taking care of my kid or going to work, I chose my son,” said Geri-Ann Gonzalez.

CCSD’s reopening plan addresses students with disabilities. The website offers a broad overview of their plan of support.

“I talked to my daughter’s case worker, but she can only do so much,” said Parker.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada says the pandemic should not change the quality of children’s education. The organization lists several suggestions parents can add in a child’s IEP.

“There’s just not enough resources for these special needs kids,” Gonzalez lamented.

It’s making some families question their child’s success this year.

“For us parents that have kids with IEPs and 504s, they need the extra special help,” Parker stressed.

Legal Aid Center will offer a free special education rights class starting Monday.

That virtual event will cover various topics, including how to get your child qualified for special education services.

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