Baby boomers turning to cannabis instead of traditional pain meds

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This year’s largest cannabis conference in the world ended in Las Vegas Friday.  For an entire week, marijuana professionals shared ideas and products.

For people in the marijuana business, there were numerous options at MJ BizCon to choose from.  But along with the growing options, there was also a growing customer base, that includes baby boomers.

Dana Shoched is the president and CEO of O2 Vape, which is a company that sells vape hardware to consumers.

“They’re very discreet, small,” Shoched said. “We have even smaller ones than this,” as she pointed to a vape pen.

The vape pen’s customer-base keeps growing more and more each day. Especially, with the baby boomers.

“The baby boomers — as we all are — are getting a little bit older; a little more aches and pains,” said Cassandra Farrington,  the founder and CEO of Marijuana Business Daily.  “Word is spreading through the senior community that cannabis is a potential solution that could be so much more effective and healthy.”

Farrington attributes the rising number of baby boomers using cannabis products to their experience using traditional pain prescriptions.

“They have seen what some of the currently available pain-killers and inflammatory options, other things available through the traditional pharmacopeia,” Farrington said.

Cannabis use is also getting more popular with a specific pocket of baby boomers: Veterans.

“They may not have a physical wound; there’s been a lot of studies with the CBDS helping them as well,” Shoched said.  “Being a veteran I have a little passion for that.”

Shoched hopes as time goes on, more people will seek the benefits.

A lot of the cannabis benefits not possible for people because of the stigmas still attached to marijuana. Go here for more on an organization that’s dedicated to removing the stigma.

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