Avoiding quarantine quarrels: Sage advice on how to keep relationships going strong on a daily basis

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Life coaches say if people want their partnerships to flourish over time, they should respect and show they appreciate each other on a daily basis, especially while in quarantine.

During this past year, it’s probably been a challenge, trying to juggle daily routines and the grind. Many have probably lost their manners and patience, a few too many times.

When an individual and their spouse finally have time to spend, both are probably too exhausted.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat and go to bed, but life coach Adam Jablin says it’s important to recognize that little daily gestures can make a big difference at showing a partner some appreciation.

“It could also be making a cup of coffee in the morning, or deciding to cook, let’s go back to the dishes, the lightbulb has been out for a week, little acts of service,” said Jablin.

Another important thing to give a significant other is whole-hearted attention. Wendy Strgar, the CEO and founder of Good Clean Love, says that with so many distractions coming at everyone, it’s not easy.

“In some ways, I think it’s the noisiest times we’ve ever lived in, constantly things coming at us, hard to discern… we don’t actually realize how it means, how it feels, when someone is fully looking at you and listening to every word you are saying,” said Strgar.

One big tip: don’t be stingy with attention. Those phone calls, texts, emails can all wait.

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