LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Why does it seem as if so many here in Las Vegas are no longer concerned about COVID-19?

8 News Now spoke to quite a few people on The Strip Friday. Some say they’re still seeing safety measures, others have noticed many people gathering in large groups without masks.

UNLV Assistant Public Health Professor Brian Labus says our state’s reopening was designed to go along with social distancing. If everyone gives up now, things could take a turn.

“It’s kind of like putting out a fire, you can’t stop halfway through and expect the fire to go away,” said Labus. “We’re at that point now where people have to keep doing these things even though they’re annoying, even though they are frustrating even though we are sick of doing them.” 

Labus added that virus transmission is still happening here in southern Nevada. Remember, you are still at a higher risk every time you go out in public.