Attorney for woman accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of sex assault wants settlement thrown out

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World famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo just received two major blows as fall out for the sexual assault allegations against him.

On Thursday, it was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo was left off Portugal’s national team squad for a pair of upcoming matches.  Then later that day, Nike, who has an endorsement contract with the soccer star said in a statement to the Associated Press, “we are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Attorneys for a Las Vegas woman by the name of Kathryn Myorga filed a lawsuit last week on her behalf claiming that Ronaldo raped her at a hotel in Las Vegas back in 2009.  Myorga’s attorneys said after the rape Ronaldo’s team coerced her into signing a settlement to keep quiet, so they don’t believe that settlement should apply because she was traumatized and not in a “sound state of mind” when she signed the settlement and accepted money to keep quiet about her encounter with Ronaldo.

“The last 8 or 9 years have been very difficult,” said Leslie Stovall, Mayora’s attorney. “She has a lot of problems attributable to the sexual assault.”

Now, Mayorga is suing Ronaldo for pain and suffering.

“For her the decision to pursue this matter is important because she is now advocating for herself,” Stovall said. “What she heard was people saying you are going to be criticized, you are going to be characterized as somebody who is trying to make money. 

Mayorga’s attorney said she signed a settlement and accepted $375,000 dollars to keep quiet in 2010, but because of the trauma, she wasn’t in her right mind, so the negotiations shouldn’t stay valid. 

Ronaldo denies all of the accusations, but Stovall says the decision will come down to the courts. Even taking to social media to do a live video, shouting fake news.

“It really isn’t important to me how Mr. Ronaldo or any of his fans or his people characterize what is going on because we are going to have an opportunity in a court of law to have members of this community to make a decision about what happened,” Stovall said.  “It’s important to advocate for yourself and I think that’s part of the process we’re going through.” 

8 News NOW reached out to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department about the case and a spokesperson with the law enforcement agency said the received a sexual assault report from Mayorga on June 13, 2009, but the victim did not give detectives a description of the suspect or the location.

According to Metro Police, since this case was reopened in September, it’s active and they can’t release any more details.

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