LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A group of friends who say they were attacked in a downtown parking garage tell the story of a night out turned nightmare in Las Vegas.

A victim who wished to remain anonymous said he was leaving a parking garage in the early hours of Sunday morning when a person from another group came from behind him and grabbed the chain off of his neck.

“He had punched me in the face and proceeded to jump me with three other males,” the man said.

The physical altercation quickly escalated, the man said, as the alleged attackers threatened to shoot him. At that point, the man said the attackers dispersed. He and his group headed to the exit but were blocked in by the alleged attackers’ white car.

“The man in the white car had reversed on her and proceeded to run her over multiple times,” the victim said. “I’m watching her scream and in pain that I’ve never heard in my life.”

“Her whole body is under the car,” he recalled, claiming that the attackers had pulled firearms on himself and his friends. “So he was aiming for her head.”

The man claims five shots were fired, detailing the sound of bullets zipping past his face, with two striking his friend, who, he says, is in an area hospital being treated for injuries. He calls the injury a daily fight for her.

“That’s not something a human would do,” he said. “This is something an animal would do.”

Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel representatives have not yet responded to an request for comment. While officials from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have not confirmed that the attack took place, they say they are looking into the incident.