Assembly committee assignments announced for 2021 Legislature

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Assembly Speaker announced committee assignments for the 2021 Legislative Session on Tuesday.

The session is scheduled to begin on Feb. 1.

Ways & Means
Chair: Maggie Carlton
Vice Chair: Daniele Monroe-Moreno
Members: Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Jason Frierson, Michelle Gorelow, Sandra Jauregui, Brittney Miller, Sarah Peters, Howard Watts, Greg Hafen, Glen Leavitt, Tom Roberts, Robin Titus, Jill Tolles

Chair: Steve Yeager
Vice Chair: Rochelle Nguyen
Members: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, Lesley Cohen, Cecelia González, Elaine Marzola, CH Miller, David Orentlicher, Shondra Summers-Armstrong, Alexis Hansen, Melissa Hardy, Heidi Kasama, Lisa Krasner, P.K. O’Neill, Jim Wheeler

Government Affairs
Chair: Edgar Flores
Vice Chair: Selena Torres
Members: Natha Anderson, Alex Assefa, Venicia Considine, Bea Duran, Susie Martinez, Claire Thomas, Annie Black, Jill Dickman, John Ellison, Andy Matthews, Richard McArthur

Commerce & Labor
Chair: Sandra Jauregui
Vice Chair: Maggie Carlton
Members: Venicia Considine, Bea Duran, Edgar Flores, Jason Frierson, Susie Martinez, Elaine Marzola, Jill Dickman, Melissa Hardy, Heidi Kasama, P.K. O’Neill, Jill Tolles

Chair: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
Vice Chair: Brittney Miller
Members: Bea Duran, Edgar Flores, Michelle Gorelow, Elaine Marzola, Rochelle Nguyen, Selena Torres, Alexis Hansen, Melissa Hardy, Lisa Krasner, Richard McArthur, Jill Tolles

Growth & Infrastructure
Chair: Daniele Monroe-Moreno
Vice Chair: Howard Watts
Members: Alex Assefa, CH Miller, Sarah Peters, Shondra Summers-Armstrong, Steve Yeager, John Ellison, Glen Leavitt, Tom Roberts, Jim Wheeler

Health & Human Services
Chair: Rochelle Nguyen
Vice Chair: Sarah Peters
Members: Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Michelle Gorelow, David Orentlicher, Shondra Summers-Armstrong, Claire Thomas, Annie Black, Greg Hafen, Lisa Krasner, Andy Matthews, Robin Titus

Legislative Operations & Elections
Chair: Brittney Miller
Vice Chair: Sandra Jauregui
Members: Jason Frierson, Cecelia González, Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Claire Thomas, Selena Torres, Jill Dickman, Glen Leavitt, Andy Matthews, Richard McArthur

Natural Resources
Chair: Howard Watts
Vice Chair: Lesley Cohen
Members: Natha Anderson, Alex Assefa, Maggie Carlton, Cecelia González, Susie Martinez, Annie Black, John Ellison, Alexis Hansen, Robin Titus, Jim Wheeler

Chair: Lesley Cohen
Vice Chair: Teresa Benitez-Thompson
Members: Natha Anderson, Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, Venicia Considine, CH Miller, David Orentlicher, Steve Yeager, Greg Hafen, Heidi Kasama, P.K. O’Neill, Tom Roberts

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