Asian-owned businesses boom in area of Rainbow between Warm Springs and Pebble

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As the Asian population in southern Nevada grows, so does the number of Asian-owned businesses.

There are around 19,000 Asian- owned businesses in the Las Vegas valley.  Many of those are in the China Town area on Spring Mountain Road.  But there’s also an area blooming in the southwest part of the valley in the 2-mile stretch of road along Rainbow Boulevard between Warm Springs and Pebble roads.

Flavorful cupcakes and unique creations are a few of the goodies you’ll find at Peridot Sweets.  The owner, Tiffany Jones, says her business is five years in, and her bakery is doing great.

She said having synergy with other small businesses is the one key to success.

“As long as other businesses are successful, then it only helps us,” said Jones.  “BonChon has just reopened and we’ve seen a lot from that, and Greens and Proteins is kind of our Ying to their Yang because they have all the healthy options.” 

Sonny Vinuya of the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce says it’s a great spot for Asian-owned businesses because about 23 percent of Asian families live in the southwest valley.

“Affordability of the housing, brand new houses and then, of course, there’s the sense of community,” said Vinuya.  “We know one family for example where about half of the block of the street are all family members, and they bought houses over there in that area.”

“They also bring their cultures and enrich those neighborhoods with Chinese, Japanese, Thai culture,” said Ron Silpasuvun, Archi’s Quick Casual Cuisine.  “So Henderson, the Rainbow/215 area, are examples of it happening here and I’m happy to be a part of that.”  

Silpasuvun saw so much success at his location, so he opened another restaurant in Henderson to keep up with demand.

“I’m very grateful,” said Silpasuvun. “You know, half of its luck and the other half is hard work. Not just my hard work but the hard work of everyone that has worked with me and put into the company.”

“It impacts us a lot because the more successful businesses are around us, the more foot traffic we get,” Jones said.

The Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce says the newest area is quickly becoming very similar to Chinatown. He also said it’s great to see two separate areas supporting so much culture.

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