LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With election day on Tuesday, candidates are doing everything they can to get the people’s vote. A big piece of the puzzle this year is the Asian American community which makes up about 10% of eligible voters. 8 News Now spoke with some of the community to see what they hope to see on November 8.

As someone who has grown up in Las Vegas, Tina Kwan describes the expansion of the Asian American community locally.

“It has exploded,” Kwan said. “Back then there was hardly even an Asian supermarket, and now we have an entire Chinatown.”

As that population continues to grow, many including Kwan are heading to the polls. Asian Americans are a key component to political victory making up about 10% of the state’s eligible voters, according to executive board member of the AAPI Nevada Chamber of Commerce, Sonny Vineya.

Vineya said while different members of the state’s fastest-growing minority community may lean on different sides of the aisle, cultural and societal representation is crucial.

“It is very very important for us to know that we are contributing to this community and that we are a vital part of the community,” said Vineya.

While Kwan is happy to see changes moving forward, she said that she wants to encourage others to use their voice.

“We are not a single voice, we have different experiences, different personalities,” Kwan said. If the future matters to you, if the future of everyone else around you matters to you, then you need to stand up.”

Vineya said another factor of representation is the approximately 22,000 Asian American business owners in southern Nevada.