LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As the weather continues to warm up, many people around the valley aren’t the only ones trying to escape the heat. So, are scorpions.

Pest control services say they’re dealing with an influx of calls.

“I’m an entomologist and a pest control technician,” said Grady Jones.

Jones works at Delcon Termite & Pest Control in Las Vegas.

“We had some different weather this year. So, it was cooler longer,” Jones said. “We’ve been getting a ton of scorpions this year a ton of calls.”

The cooler temperatures gave scorpions more breeding time.

“I can do spiders, snakes, other bugs,” said Emily Elzeftawy. “There is just something about scorpions.”

Now, scorpions are being spotted all across the valley. Elzeftawy uses glue traps to catch them.

“The bark scorpion, the smaller scorpion, is significantly venomous,” said Jones.

Wes Fancher from Pahrump spoke with 8 News Now on Facetime Tuesday night.

“I didn’t think that he was going to make it because it was so bad so fast,” Fancher said about his son.

Four-year-old Elan Fancher was airlifted to Sunrise Hospital a few months ago after a scorpion stung him. It took him two weeks to fully recover.

“At one point, he couldn’t even stand up and then I called an ambulance,” Fancher added. “By the time the ambulance showed up, he was foaming at the mouth.”

Scorpions come in many sizes and colors. The best advice Jones can give is to educate yourself about them and to be cautious.

To check for scorpions in your home, you can buy a black light to spot the arachnids better.