LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A mother is calling out Clark County school officials after she said her 11-year-old daughter was exposed to sexually explicit images while at school.

Bethany Sholin, a mother of three, said she became concerned when her daughter was taking too long to leave class. 8 News Now visited Sholin’s home to learn more about her concerns.

Sholin said she’s sickened by what she says her daughter was shown by her teacher.

“Her art teacher told her to stay after school to tidy up the classroom,” Sholin said. “He had a sketchbook. He taught in class. He taught out of it.”

Sholin said her daughter, who attends Jim Bridger Middle School on Bruce Street at E. Carey Avenue in North Las Vegas, asked the teacher if she could see the sketches.

She says her daughter was just curious.

“As they flipped through more pages the pictures became more risque,” Sholin said there was nudity in the sketchbook. She said most of the images in the book illustrated sexual positions and there were even sketches of genitals.

“She closed the book pushed it away to him and said, ‘Hey, I got to go my mom is here,'” Sholin said.

When she picked up her daughter, Sholin said she looked flustered. But she eventually told her mother what had happened.

Sholin contacted school police. She said she requested from the school to see the sketchbook herself. She said she has seen it, and now she’s disappointed how the situation has been handled.

“The cops pushed it to the side and that’s just making more victims for the future,” she said.

According to a Clark County School District Police Department report obtained by Sholin, when her daughter was asked if she saw any genitals, she said no.

Sholin believes her daughter did see the pictures, but was nervous when she spoke to police.

“I can guarantee you there are genitals and all these inappropriate things,” Sholin said.

The police report also said, “While some of the artistic renderings may be professionally inappropriate, they do not meet the elements necessary for a criminal charge. Therefore, the case is unfounded and closed.”

“For about a week she wouldn’t eat. She wouldn’t sleep,” Sholin said.

“No one should go through that. And if more people speak out early, and people take them seriously, maybe one kid will be saved,” she said.

8 News Now reached out to CCSD for comment. The district did not provide a statement on record, only responding in email that “CCSD is unable to comment on individual personnel matters and administrative matters.

Sholin said her daughter is doing much better.

But she added that CCSD told her the art teacher no longer works for the district. CCSD has not confirmed that to 8 News Now.