Sexual assault suspect identified from Venetian Hotel surveillance video, arrested within 24 hours

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The suspect of a sexual assault that happened at the Venetian Hotel on Sunday, Feb. 2 has been arrested. The suspect has been identified as Donavan Fox, 27.

A sexual assault examination showed injuries to the victim’s private areas with bruising and lacerations.

According to the arrest report, the victim arrived in Las Vegas with her husband and some friends for vacation. Upon arrival, she received a hotel key and card sleeve with her room number on it.

After drinking at a Palazzo hotel bar with friends, the victim went to play blackjack.

In the victim statement, she said she felt tired and went to her room, changed into pajamas and went to bed and fell asleep.

The next thing the victim says she remembers, according to the report, was thinking she was having a sex dream until she realized she was actually having sex with the suspect, who was not her husband. She realized this because the suspect placed her hands in his hair during the alleged assault and it was not like her husband’s hair.

The victim then told Fox her husband was returning to the room. That is when Fox exited the room, according to the report.

The victim called her husband and told him what happened and the police were contacted.

Police detectives reviewed Venetian surveillance video that shows the victim drops her room key in the area she was gambling on the casino floor.

Shortly after, Fox is seen picking up the key. According to police, the victim and Fox had no interaction on the Venetian casino floor.

The entire time Fox is seen on Venetian property he is in possession of a grey, hard case luggage. Fox is seen entering the room with the luggage and leave the property with the luggage.

That is when the surveillance video shows Fox following two Asian females to their room’s floor, where he appears to masturbate in front of their door.

After leaving that floor, he takes an elevator to the victim’s floor, gets on his hands and knees and appears to look under the crack in the door before using the victim’s key to enter the room.

In Fox’s arrest interview, he states he did in fact have a brief conversation with the victim at a White Castle restaurant on Las Vegas Boulevard where they discussed meeting up later to possibly have sex, according to the report. Fox said the victim was alone and wearing revealing black clothing.

Fox stated the victim told him she would leave her room key for him. Fox says he couldn’t remember where he found the room key but says the victim left her door open a crack so Fox could push the door open and walk in.

When statements Fox made were contradictory to evidence in his story, he recanted some statements. He added that women often leave their room key on the casino floor hoping men will find it to please them sexually.

When confronted with allegations that he assaulted the victim, and that the sexual contact was not consensual, Fox stated he took multiple videos and photos of the victim.

Police say the photos were sexual in nature, but the victim was not awake as Fox initially said in his statement.

Fox then recanted his story again admitting he did not know the victim and did not meet her at any point in the night. He admitted to finding the key and said he wanted to steal towels, sheets or drinks from the minibar inside the room.

Fox’s story continued to contradict his earlier statements regarding having a conversation with the victim, her being awake and consenting, and conscious for the videos and photos acknowledging his presence.

In his statement, Fox says the victim abruptly stopped and ask who he was and what was going on. Then he says the victim told him her husband was on his way back to the room and he had to leave.

Fox went to the bathroom to clean himself and admitted to stealing drinks from the minibar and a gray shirt from the room. He placed the items inside a suitcase he had with him before leaving the room.

He was wearing the same gray shirt when he was taken into custody.

Fox was arrested at his residence and transported to the Clark County Detention Center where he faces the following charges:

  • Burglary
  • Sexual Assault
  • Capture, Display Image of Private Area
  • Open, Gross Lewdness
  • Indecent, Obscene Exposure

The suspect was arrested within 24 hours as a result of facial recognition and additional evidence.

Police have no indication there were any additional victims in this case.

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