Arrest Report: Suspects were at apartment complex to get weed before robbing elderly woman

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’re learning more about the suspects in a robbery near the Las Vegas Strip. Police say Marcus Woodson and Willie Wells were arrested for robbing an elderly woman after one of them hit her in the head, knocking her to the ground.

WARNING: The video below is graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some viewers.

According to the arrest report, police identified the suspect shown in the security video above by looking into another filing — a series of robberies at valley Targets. In a previous incident, two men and a woman were seen concealing items at the Target on North Decatur. Police noticed one of the men in photos from that incident looked like the man seen in the video above.

Police also noticed the cars in the incidents seemed similar. After checking records, police were able to identify the woman in the Target incident. She was recently the victim of a battery on March 30. When police brought her in to question her about the battery, they also brought up the robbery.

Marcus Woodson Mugshot

The woman told police that she, Woodson and Wells went to meet someone at the apartment complex that night. Wells later said in an interview that they were there to get weed. When the person didn’t show, they were about to leave, but saw the robbery victim walking toward the gate. The two men jumped out of the car driven by the woman and tried to follow the robbery victim in, but didn’t make it in time before the gate shut again. Soon after, the two were let in the gate by someone else.

After getting in, Woodson allegedly met the victim at the mail boxes, hit her and then took her bag. Wells and Woodson then allegedly ran back to the car and told the woman to drive off, so she did.

Willie Wells Mugshot

Woodson was later arrested and taken to Clark County Detention Center. After interviewing Woodson, police say he told them it was Wells idea to rob the elderly woman. He also said they hoped to get money by robbing her.

In his interview, Wells said that he did not know Woodson was going to rob Valle when they got inside the apartment complex gate. Wells also told police he later fought Woodson and forced him to get out of the car and walk home.

Both of the men admitted to the crime, leading them to both be arrested on robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges. The woman who was questioned by police was let go for helping them apprehend Wells and Woodson.

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