Arrest Report: Suspect raped homeless women while high on drugs

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’re learning more about the man who was arrested Tuesday in connection with several sexual assaults. Police say 37-year-old Jamarr Reed sexually assaulted at least three woman between November 2018 and April 2020 in the central valley.

According to an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now, Reed used his large stature to overpower women once he had them alone. Reed is just over six feet tall and weighs about 245 pounds.

On the morning of November 18, 2018, police were alerted to an NHP trooper, who was flagged down by a woman who said she was strangled. Once on the scene, the woman told police she had been sexually assaulted by a large, muscular black man. She told police she had been threatened with a pair of scissors if she did not comply with his demands. Police believe this to have been Reed.

Exactly one year later — on the morning of November 18, 2019 — police were called to UMC, where they spoke with a woman who said she had been raped. Through an interpreter, she told police she was hanging out with a man she knew from The Salvation Army, where they both stayed. They were later joined by another man, who said they should go back to his spot to smoke crystal meth. The three of them then boarded a bus and went to an abandoned house.

Once inside the home, the woman told police she met another man, who she described as a large black man, with a gap in his teeth. The other men soon left the home, at the request of the larger man, who would later be identified as Reed. Reed then grabbed the woman around the neck, beating and strangling her. He hit her in the face, bit her breast, took off her underwear and attempted to penetrate her.

Even though she fought back, she was overpowered and raped by the man. She later ran from the home and saw a police officer, to whom she ran for help.

On April 5, 2020, a woman who had been sleeping in an alley near F Street and Washington told police she was awakened by a black man, muscular, with something wrong with his teeth. She told police she was dragged into a nearby truck and sexually assaulted. She also said she was battered before the sexual assault.

Following the incident, she was able to get out the truck, but then was chased by the man wielding a shovel. She was able to escape him.

Police say semen was recovered from the truck, and it matched Reed’s DNA.

Police found Reed the next day, and interviewed him about being involved in the incidents. Reed explained to police that “he had sex everyday.” He said he would have his “associates” bring women over to his location in order to have sex with them for drugs. Reed also said he was usually high on drugs, usually crack cocaine. He told police he would at times “blackout” and “lose my mind” during the encounters.

Reed was shown a picture of one of the victims and said she looked familiar. When asked if he had sexually assaulted the woman while he was high, Reed said: “anything is possible.”

Reed is now facing several felony changes for sexual assault, battery and assault, among other things. Police are also looking for additional victims who may have been affected by him. Anyone who may have been a victim of Reed or has information about his crimes, is urged to contact the Sexual Assault Section at (702) 828-3421. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at (702) 385-5555, or on the internet at

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