LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The 17-year-old girlfriend of Edgar Samaniego told police that he admitted to her that he shot someone shortly after a Las Vegas police officer suffered a devastating gunshot wound to the head Monday night, according to the arrest report.

The bullet struck Officer shay Mikalonis in the left side of his face, traveled through his spine and lodged in the right side of his face, the report said.

Samaniego initially told police he was in his hotel room with his girlfriend at the Travelodge but later admitted he went outside because people at the protest — that was taking place near Las Vegas Boulevard and Circus Circus Drive — were causing problems. He claimed he fired his gun to scare the protesters away, the report said.

The report details how police tracked down Samaniego and arrested him. The report said surveillance video showed Samaniego walking on Circus Circus Drive from Las Vegas Boulevard, “The suspect looked over his left shoulder, pulled an object out of the right side of his pants, turned to the left, aimed and fired in the direction of the officers.”

In addition, a security guard who was in the parking lot of the Travelodge and witnessed the shooting identified Samaniego as the man who fired the weapon.

Police did locate a FC Luger 9 mm cartridge case from the area where Samaniego shot, and two more matching cartridges from the landing in front of his room. The 9 mm gun was found under a mattress in the Samaniego’s room, the report said.

When police asked Samaniego, during an interview, if he intended to shoot an officer, he said he didn’t know officers were there and that he had a bad eye and could’t see very far. He also denied knowing where the gun was he used to fire the shots.