Arrest Report: Metro officer picked up underage girls, paid them for sexual acts

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’re learning more about a Metro police officer who was arrested last month for alleged sexual contact with underage girls. On Friday, 8 News Now obtained the arrest report for Christopher Peto of Laughlin.

According to the arrest report, Metro police received a tip on January 24, 2020 that two teenage girls were having sex with a man much older than them. The anonymous caller stated the interactions had been going on for about a year and a half. That same caller said one of the girls had broken communication with the man, while the other was continuing to stay in contact. The caller also suggested Chris Peto as a possible suspect.

From there, Metro police contacted Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD) to verify the identities of the two possible victims. Police took a photo of Chris Peto to the victims’ school to affirm or deny Peto’s involvement.

When detectives arrived at the school, Peto was seen in a patrol car in front of the school. Police were not able to make contact with him as he drove away before they could.


Detectives interviewed one of the possible victims while at the school. “Victim #1” initially denied having sexual relations with an older man, saying she had a boyfriend at the school. She then positively identified Peto through the detective’s picture. She stated they had texted each other two years prior to the interview. She said Peto would pick her up in his personal vehicle, but what they would do together is classified by police. “Victim #1” then said Peto “hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Detectives later interviewed the second possible victim at her home.


According to details in the police report, during the interview with the second possible victim, she recounted a few years ago, but over time she had forgotten about this conversation, about being introduced to a man through another friend who told “Victim #2” she could “hang out with her guy friend” and make money. She was told she did not need to do anything sexual for him to pay her.

Then in June of 2018, “Victim #2” said another friend brought up the proposition again. Through texting, the teen and the older man agreed to meet at the South Point Texaco gas station in Laughlin. The man told “Victim #2” she would receive $100 if she gave him a kiss.

“Victim #2,” along with friends, arrived at the gas station and met the man later identified as Peto. Peto never left his car. The teen went up to his vehicle, the victim then “pecked” his lips. He gave her $100, then he left. She returned to her friends with the money.

Later, the relationships between the teen victims and Peto progressed. “Victim #1” joined in and would go over to Peto’s home with “Victim #2.” The girls would either walk to his home, or Peto would pick them up.

“Victim #2” recalled visiting Peto’s residence 11 times and going inside the residence 5-6 times. She said they would get drunk at his home. She also said Peto would offer to buy her and her friends alcohol at times.

In May 2019, one of the victims contacted Peto and told him to pick both of them up. The victim then suggested doing something sexual, but said they would only do it if the other victim would join in. Peto then picked them up and took them to his home, where he provided the girls with alcohol.

Peto then coaxed the girls into joining him on the couch to “cuddle” on either side of him. “Victim #2” recalled Peto tugging at her shirt and asking her to take it off. Peto then had the girls undress and asked the intoxicated, underage girls to make out in front of him. He then took off his pants, presumably asking the girls to give him oral sex.

One victim demanded money from Peto, saying she wanted $200 for oral sex. Peto agreed to pay, and the two took turns giving him oral sex.

Peto then took “Victim #1” into the guest bedroom for about 20 minutes. While they were in the bedroom, “Victim #2” went to the bathroom, taking selfies that would later be used as evidence in the investigation. While in the bathroom, “Victim #1” came in saying she did not want to have sex with Peto anymore. She “realized he was a grown man.” “Victim #2” then told “Victim #1” to stop “freaking out” and go back in the bedroom and finish what she started. She did and then reemerged from the bedroom about five minutes later. “Victim #1” told “Victim #2” the sex was disgusting and she did not enjoy it.

Peto and the girls later began arguing about payment, with Peto only wanting to pay $200 total instead of $200 each. Peto later began driving them home and gave them $200. He then pulled over on the side of the road, told them to get out of his vehicle and that they were “too much drama.”

After getting back to one of their homes, “Victim #1” then told “Victim #2” that she was still owed $1000 from Peto for sex in his guest bedroom.

After that May 2019 incident, “Victim #2” recalled Peto soliciting nude pictures from her, agreeing to pay for them. She said after sending three nude photos, Peto refused to pay, asking for a video. “Victim #2” then broke off conversation with him.

At the end of the “Victim #2” interview, she stated “Victim #1” probably did not want to contact police about Peto. She was afraid of retaliation by officers who may know Peto.

“Victim #2” later picked Peto out of a photo lineup.

Following a digital forensic search, police did not find any nude photos sent between the two, but Peto did say “Victim #2” “owed him.”


On January 29, 2020, Peto was contacted and told of the allegations against him. He then agreed to an interview with police.

Peto denied any wrongdoing initially in his interview, saying he was only texting one of the victims because he was trying to date her mother. He denied sending or receiving illicit messages and also denied any sexual contact.


Following the interview, a third victim came forward, recounting another instance of sexual contact with Peto, involving going over to his home and being paid money for sexual acts.


Based on all interviews, and the each victim recalling being taken to Peto’s home and contacting him over text, police decided there was enough evidence to charge Peto with the list of charges.

Peto is facing the following charges:

  • Lewdness committed by person over 18 with a child 14 or 15
  • 3 Counts of customer engage in soliciting child for prostitution
  • 2 Counts of kidnap of minor
  • Lewdness with a minor under 14
  • Child abuse or neglect

Peto was arrested at the LVMPD Laughlin sub-station and was transported and booked at the Clark County Detention Center.

Officer Peto has been employed with the LVMPD since July 1999. 

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