LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We are now learning more about what led up to the arrest of former NFL player Vontaze Burfict in Las Vegas earlier this month. Burfict was arrested on December 4 at the Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip.

According to an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now, Burfict, along with two other men, were “irate” and asking security officers for the location of “Secret Pizza,” a restaurant inside the Cosmopolitan. The altercation happened while on an escalator going up a floor.

The security guard claims one of the men was recording the altercation on his phone. He said the man then put the phone in his face and said, “what the f— these dudes doing behind us, look at these clowns following us.”

At that point, the three irate men reached the end of the escalator. Two of them, including Burfict then allegedly blocked the entrance. The security guards then asked them to move out of the way and to stop recording them.

Burfict then allegedly attempted to push one of the security guards back down the escalator. One of the men also attempted to throw a punch at another security guard on the escalator.

Security officers were able to take down each of the three men. Along with Burfict, Todd Battle of Arizona and Michael Swerzbin of Oregon were taken into custody that night.

Burfict is currently facing a battery charge and is expected to appear in court on February 3, 2021.