ARREST REPORT: Former Metro officer believed girl was prostitute

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Kirk Hooten, the former Metro police officer accused of soliciting a child for prostitution, told officers he believed the 16-year-old girl he solicited was a hooker, according to an arrest report.

The investigation began on Nov. 15 when a detective with Metro’s Central Intelligence Unit found a Facebook post with 2,000 shares that stated:

“My biggest fear as [has] came tru [true] today. Some white man tried to take my lil 16-year-old sister today while she was walking near MLK an Bonanza. Y’all, our young GIRLS are not safe he tried to force her to get in the car thank god I’m not at work rn [right now] and was right down the street. Be on the look out y’all!”

The post included photos of a tan Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and its license plate, which Metro detectives later discovered via DMV and SCOPE records, belonged to Hooten. According to the report, detectives drove to the address listed for Hooten and observed the same truck.

On Nov. 16, detectives contacted the victim’s family. Her mother later brought her to Metro headquarters where she detailed what happened.

The victim told officers on Nov. 15, a white male adult in a brownish pickup truck with tinted windows drove north past her while she was waiting at a bus stop on MLK. The driver eventually made a U-Turn onto southbound MLK and told her to get in the vehicle three times before she said “no” and walked away.

The report says the victim then called her sister who told her to go and wait at a nearby Chevron where she would pick her up. The man had entered the Chevron and soon exited, saying something to the victim that she could not hear. Her sister picked her up, and they followed the driver onto west Bonanza Road, capturing photos of the truck before returning home, the report said.

At one point during the interview, the report indicated the victim’s recollection of events on MLK changed slightly but that her story regarding the interaction at the Chevron remained the same. At the end of the interview, the victim picked Hooten out of a lineup.

During an interview with the victim’s sister, the report says the above events were corroborated.

On Nov. 17, detectives interviewed Hooten who when asked, said he knew why he was there. As the detective described the allegations, Hooten acknowledged the aforementioned Facebook post and said it was, “One hundred percent incorrect.”

According to the report, Hooten admitted he cat-called the victim and yelled out the window, thinking she may have been a hooker. When she said “no,” he noted he “immediately veered over to the, ah, Chevron, pulled in.”

When Hooten remembered his interaction with the victim at the bus stop, and when asked how old he thought she was, the report says he told detectives he believed she was between 17-19-years-old.

“When I saw her; when I came out of the store, I realized, ‘Ok, now, that is someone I shouldn’t have been yelling at for sure,'” he said initially.

Hooten later said the reason he made contact with her was because, “She was cute. I thought she would have been one of the best-looking hookers in the area.”

It was revealed Hooten was assigned to Metro’s Vice Section in 2000, and he admitted that he still cat-calls hookers “to see their reaction.”

Hooten described the entire encounter to detectives, stating he tried to contact the victim due to believing she was a prostitute. According to the report, when she did not respond to his attempts at contact, he turned onto southbound MLK and yelled out his window, “You working, you want a ride?”

After she said “no,” he went to the Chevron, gambled 10 to 30 minutes and then repeatedly apologized to the victim when he left.

Hooten also admitted to detectives he frequents the area to visit prostitutes. When asked if he would’ve engaged in sexual acts for money with her if she was interested, he told detectives, “I, I don’t think I had the money at the time, truthfully…. maybe if she was interested, yeah.”

According to the report, Hooten entered the Chevron and immediately withdrew money at the ATM and admitted he would have continued through with a “date” with the victim had she responded positively.

Due to Hooten soliciting the victim for sex, as well as her status as a minor, there is probable cause Hooten engaged in solicitation of a child for prostitution.

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