LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Police have released new information about the arrest of 30-year-old Justin Gaines, who faces murder charges for killing his father.

Justin’s father, 56-year-old Roy Gaines, was found dead inside a home on the 5000 block of Sagelyn Street, near Boulder Highway and Tropicana Avenue on Dec. 15. The autopsy showed he had been shot in the back.

Justin’s mother Yolanda Gaines told Metro that Justin had called her the morning of Dec. 14 after not contacting her for 7 months. He told her that he was about to be evicted from his house and needed money, requesting her to come to Las Vegas to help him.

According to Yolanda, Justin had been in prison at least twice before and after her son’s second release, his signs of mental illness worsened, showing more paranoid thoughts and anger issues.

His mother said he had been living in Las Vegas for two years and had not contacted either her or his father until recently when Justin called her for help.

Roy Gaines flew to Las Vegas from California, arriving on Dec. 14. Yolanda stopped hearing from Roy a few hours after he had arrived.

The next day Yolanda was worried about Roy and called police. Officers checked on Justin and his father and found nothing out of place.

Justin’s mother then flew to Las Vegas with her other son and immediately drove to Justin’s home and this is when she said she heard gunshots coming from inside and called police.

Police responded and a standoff began.

But during the standoff, according to the arrest report, Justin’s mother told police she had lied about hearing gunshots so that officers would respond quickly.

This led to officers standing down. At which time Yolanda Gaines’ son kicked down the door and found Roy dead on the ground.

Police then searched the home and didn’t find anyone, including Justin.

The next day, Dec. 16, police arrested Justin Gaines at a rest stop in San Simon, Arizona. Police also found his father’s car that was rented in Las Vegas and his backpack.

Police were able to hold Justin in custody because of a separate arrest warrant out on him involving an attack of a Las Vegas real estate agent.