Arrest Report: Body dumped in recycling bin following fight, stabbing

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’re learning more about the incident where a man was found dead in a backyard earlier this year. 42-year-old Anthony Nash was arrested Thursday for open murder in connection to the case.

Police were alerted to the body by a man who was at his father’s house. He said he had gone over to clean the back yard. Once he got there, he noticed a blue recycling bin at the corner of his father’s house. When he opened the lid, he saw a man’s body underneath a blanket, which led him to call 911.

Once on the scene, detectives noticed the man had multiple stab wounds and also had a burn on his right buttock, where it appeared someone tried to light the body on fire in the bin. Police also noted the victim was missing a shoe.

The victim was later identified by the coroner as Asibayo Whitfield. The coroner also found that the cause of death was sharp force injuries and that the manner was homicide.

Just days after Whitfield’s body was found, police interviewed a friend of Whitfield, who said Whitfield wasn’t liked by many people. The friend said Whitfield had threatened other homeless people in the area. He also told police he thought he last lived with a homeless person known as “Broadway.”

In February, police interviewed another friend who mentioned Whitfield had issues with a man she knew as “Oakland.” She had encountered “Oakland” in February, about a month after Whitfield’s death. She said “Oakland” told her that the killing was retaliation for a previous incident where Whitfield had supposedly pulled a knife on “Oakland.” She also directed police to an abandoned home where she and Whitfield were staying back in January.

Days later, at the scene of the abandoned home on Wilbur Street, just south of Tropicana, police found blood-stained carpet, a blood-stained mattress and the other shoe that was missing from Whitfield’s body when it was found in the recycling bin.

On April 2, police responded to a burglary on East Hacienda, where they spoke to a confidential source, who told them a man named Anthony Nash, AKA “Broadway,” was involved in the murder of a homeless person who was found in a trash can.

In an interview, the confidential source said they had been staying with Nash and Whitfield when the murder happened. The source said the two had been involved in a fight, when Whitfield head butted Nash. Whitfield then dropped a knife, which was in a sheath on his hip. Nash picked it up and stabbed Whitfield several times. The confidential source said Nash, along with “Oakland,” got a recycling bin and loaded the body inside, then left the home.

The source said the two men returned about an hour later without the bin. They then cleaned the floors and walls of the home with bleach, in an attempt to remove the blood.

Later on April 2, police encountered Nash walking on the side of the road. He was arrested without incident. Nash admitted to knowing the victim, but would not answer any other questions from police.

Based on the information gathered over the course of the investigation, Nash was placed under arrest for murder with a weapon, and was booked into CCDC.

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