NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is new information about the murder of  Victor Lee Quitalig Boardley, 25, in North Las Vegas on Mar. 18.

Police have arrested Javier Benitez and are holding him on a murder charge.

Victor Lee Quitalig Boardley (KLAS)

According to the heavily redacted arrest affidavit (below) obtained by 8 New Now, police identified Benitez from multiple security camera videos in the 4700 block of Boulder Bay near Lone Mountain Road and Donna Street in 4700 Boulder Bay St, North Las Vegas, NV 89081 northeast valley. The video, according to police, shows Benitez shoot Boardley with a handgun.

When police arrived at the scene they found Boardley on the ground, suffering from a gunshot to his chest. During the initial investigation police talked to a neighbor who had heard a gunshot shortly before 8 a.m.

The woman told police she saw two men she said had lived in the neighborhood for around five years. This would later be confirmed by another person’s security video. The woman also told police the two men were known to walk around the neighborhood and she thought one of them was mentally ill.

Javier Benitez booking photograph. (Image: North Las Vegas Police)

The neighbor told police where the men lived. After trying to contact someone at that home, police realized no one was home and secured a search warrant. Police also brought in North Las Vegas Police SWAT to execute the warrant.

As SWAT was clearing the home, another person who lived at that home arrived. This person told police the two men were brothers. The person also told police one of the men was named Javier (Benitez) and lived alone in the garage. The person told police Benitez is schizophrenic, doesn’t own a phone or a car, and it was common for him to “be involved in altercations with random persons.”

The home where Benitez lived in the garage also had a security camera system. Police secured a search warrant for the video. This video showed that on the morning of the homicide, Benitez walked over to a man and talked with him, and exchange something with him. Police speculate in the affidavit it was a marijuana cigarette.At this point, police say the video shows another man walk up to Benitez and the man causing the man to back up. Police say this is when Benitez could be seen holding a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at the man.

Police say the video shows a white puff of smoke consistent with a gun being discharged. The man, who appeared to have been shot, ran down the road and collapsed according to police.

This video then showed the other man shoving Benitez back toward his home, consistent with the other video and what the other neighbor had told police.